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Cane Back Quiver or
Hip Quiver

Autumn Bow Line up
Bamboo Cane Back Quiver

Our Cane Back Quiver is made from quality cane materials. The Cane Back Quiver is light and durable. We use a metal bottom in the quiver lined with leather to protect against broadheads from cutting through. The Cane Quiver is cool in the summer because of itís woven design. It lets the air through to your back so it doesnít cause your back to perspire like heavy leather quivers do. It can be ordered in small, medium or large. Itís protected with a water proof finish so it wonít lose itís shape if it gets damp and it has an adjustable strap so you can fit it to your own size. No more aching shoulder from a quiver thats to heavy.

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Kramer Archery
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Phone 406-295-5872

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